TxGEA Applauds Launch of Research Roadmap for Geothermal Advancement

Study Highlights Growing Momentum for Geothermal Energy in Texas

AUSTIN, TX (January 24, 2023) . . . The Texas Geothermal Energy Alliance (TxGEA) applauded today’s release of a multi-year, multi-disciplinary, cross-collaborative report providing a roadmap for future development of geothermal energy in Texas. 

The report, “The Future of Geothermal in Texas: The Coming Century of Growth & Prosperity in the Lone Star State” features input from The University of Texas at Austin, Southern Methodist University, Rice University, Texas A&M University, and the University of Houston, as well as the University Lands Office and the International Energy Agency.  

Barry Smitherman, Chairman and President of TxGEA, welcomed the report’s conclusions. “Given Texas’ global leadership in oil, natural gas, and wind energy, it comes as no surprise that we also have an abundance of geothermal energy resources.  Using skills derived from over 100 years of drilling activity, Texas will inevitably become the epicenter of geothermal energy development.”  

Smitherman also added, “With renewed focus on grid reliability, geothermal energy, which is firm, dispatchable and low carbon, can play a vital role in the ERCOT grid of the future.  Our goal now is to work with the Legislature this session to position Texas as the leader in geothermal energy development.”  Smitherman is a past Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission and a past Chairman of the Public Utility Commission of Texas.  

The study includes analyses of the location and quality of Texas geothermal resources, evaluations of technology developments, the role of the oil and gas industry in achieving growth and scale, as well as environmental, regulatory, economic, and legal issues pertinent to the growth of the geothermal industry, both in Texas and globally.  

Most importantly, it provides a scientific basis for informed decision-making as Texas leaders begin to consider the increased development of geothermal across the Lone Star State.