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After a year long multi-disciplinary, cross-collaborative effort, researchers at five Texas universities, the University Lands Office, and the International Energy Agency are set to publish a major report entitled “The Future of Geothermal in Texas: The Coming Century of Growth & Prosperity in the Lone Star State.” 

The extensive “deep dive”includes analyses of the location and quality of Texas geothermal resources, evaluations of technology developments, the role of the oil and gas industry in achieving growth and scale, as well as environmental, regulatory, economic, and legal issues pertinent to the growth of the geothermal industry, both in Texas and globally. 

The landmark study evaluates the size and potential scale of geothermal – the naturally occurring heat energy in the Earth’s subsurface – as an abundant clean energy resource in the state of Texas, as well as its potential to scale globally over the coming decades. 

Most importantly, it provides a scientific basis for informed decision making as entities begin to consider increased development of geothermal in Texas. The report will publish at 11:00 am CT on January 24th and be posted via this link: